Okenyo Brings You ‘Woman’s World 2.0’

It has been a big year for OKENYO. With the release of WOMAN’S WORLD she has seen international buzz (Ebro Darden, Beats 1 premiere and Noisey video premiere), played festivals including The Plot, i-D Festival and VIVID, joined the Spotify campaign for Marriage Equality and partnered with the Women’s National Basketball League. Most importantly however, she has encouraged women everywhere to use their voices: loud and proud!

With WOMAN’S WORLD, OKENYO brought us an anthem… this time, she brings a crew and lights the fuse on a movement. Introducing WOMAN’S WORLD 2.0 featuring Miss Blanks and Jesswar.

“I wanted to create a new version of the song that didn’t just feature an artist but gave the song more agency and relevance. With the three of us it’s power in numbers, individual voices standing together strong.”

With no better launch pad, WOMAN’S WORLD 2.0 premiered worldwide this week on Zane Lowe’s special ARIA Beats 1 show.

Giving an electrified new meaning to the lyric, ‘Roll drum and roll up the power of the female force’… Welcome to a new era of Australian rap music. Listen here.