Battles In History: Seth Sentry vs Prime Revolver MC Battles Melbourne, 2006

Welcome to the first instalment of our new series ‘Battles In History’, where we feature and discuss classic Australian rap battles of days gone past. The first battle off the rank features MC Prime and a young Seth Sentry, which was held at Revolver in Melbourne in 2006.

It’s 2006 and Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne is hosting local MC Battles. This was long before the days of KOTD, accapella battles, and pre-writtens. Taking to the stage was little know emcee Seth Sentry, facing off against one of battle raps fiercest opponents, emcee Prime.

The crowd was hype and ready for a massive night of hip hop. Local legend Bias B was on hosting duties and the scene was set. Walking out on stage, Prime displayed the usual confidence most in his position would. It wasn’t long before the crowd knew they had a heater on their hands. Seth’s quick wit matched Prime’s experience, both emcees traded bars as they moved through the rounds. Sentry quickly gained the local crowds support with some large jabs throughout the second and third rounds. This one came down to the wire…

Let us know in the comment section below, who you think took home the W! 

Stay tuned as we delve into some of Australian Battle Raps greatest hits. If you have any footage of old battles, feel free to shoot them over to us and we’ll be sure to feature it and credit you in the process.

A massive shoutout to the man, Dan de Sousa (Shoot Cut Drop) over at for the footage.

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