Nymphlow First Impressions EP

Here we have the latest project from artist and battle rap media guy Nymphlow. First Impressions is his six track debut EP released last year featuring production from M-Phazes, Able8, Ness Lee, WIK and Methodz. The album was mixed and mastered by Phil Gektor, and is available now as a name-your-price download. 

Here’s a bit on what Nymphlow has to say about the release of First Impressions EP;
“This is a project I set out to begin around 2008… the first draft of my debut EP then ended up becoming my Sickadenmost Sampler. After years of inaction, I came back to the project and began compiling concepts, beats, scattered thoughts etcetera and started officially writing it again around 2010. Shortly after, life dealt me some interesting hands causing this project to be put on hold, restarted and put on hold again multiple times for 7 years… 7… years…

By the time life had become a bit more settled, I had lost motivation for music. The last thing I wanted to do was force this project. I waited until I felt like it was time, which, sure enough, came. I felt I was ready to deliver the music expected of me by those I surround myself with, but most of all, I expect of myself. The result is this project“.

You can download the new EP following the link here