Urthboy reveals the Music Video for ‘Have and Hold’

Urthboy champions the passion of pursuit in new Music Video ‘Have and Hold feat. TIAAN’ 

Dropping in late January, his latest single ‘Have and Hold feat. TIAAN’ has been a welcome surprise for Urthboy fans. The single comes off his forthcoming EP ‘Turning Circle’ (out March 2nd), a 5 track EP which explores the state of change in many different forms. 

In the video, we follow the ‘agents of change’, the people behind the placards and the movement of protest. With colour blushing through the B&W, Urthboy highlights the passion of pursuit, and fighting for what you believe in.

“Don’t want to let it go”, Urthboy croons at the last moments of the video.

Directed and shot by Harry Hunter of Entropico, the clip follows the movements of key political moments in Australia in 2017 – issues that effect us all (Adani, Manus Island, Same Sex Marriage and Aboriginal Recognition). The focus of these narratives however, revolve around the journey of the protestor – their struggles, their joys and their strength to continue forward.

‘Have and Hold feat. TIAAN‘ is out now through Elefant Traks.
Taken from forthcoming EP ‘Turning Circle’ out on March 2nd.  ‘Turning Circle’ acts as a bookend to Urthboy’s 5th studio album ‘The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat’.