Joey Maker & Bruce Hathcock cut through with debut EP Barbershop Stories

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Barbershop Stories is the debut EP of Sydney raised rapper Joey Maker, in collaboration with LA born veteran vocalist Bruce Hathcock. Barbershop Stories represents the chance intersection of two very different individuals, one a yoga teacher, the other a barber, coming together on the shared common ground that is their music. Over the course of the 6 track EP, recorded in the back of the eponymous barbershop, they trade tales back and forth over a diverse selection of soundscapes.

The tracks contrast sharply from one to the next: the braggadocio of Better Believe against the anti-society anger of Sacrifice, the loving appreciation of one relationship in Emotions Collide to the quiet mourning of another in Let It Go. The dichotomy represents the duality of the collaboration and the duality within the artists themselves. While the themes throughout the EP differ, the artists’ ability to connect with the listener and bring them into their world remains constant.

The final single The Evils That We Do closes out the EP with the song that first brought Joey and Bruce together. The track sees both artists look inward to question the role of money in their lives.

“Dream of being a part of the one percent, same time I despise that image they represent”, Joey confesses over the second verse. “Looking at happier people, with less we ain’t equal – but the money ain’t to blame!” imparts Bruce over the chorus. The track finishes with a gospel-in-spired breakdown as Bruce shows off the full range of his vocal abilities.

With a long performance resume that includes supports for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Anderson Paak, M-Phazes and Spit Syndicate between them, Joey and Bruce will continue performing throughout 2018 while they continue writing and recording their next project.

You can pre-order the project from iTunes here. The full album drops March 9!