Hudson Wallace drops new single ‘You’re The One Who Walked Away’

‘You’re The One Who Walked Away’ is the lead single from his sophomore EP ‘We Need To Talk About Hudson’

Fresh from the release of his debut EP, ‘Midnight’, Melbourne rapper Hudson Wallace returns with a new sound. What hasn’t changed is his honest lyricism and storytelling, and his ability to be vulnerable. ‘You’re The One Who Walked Away’ is a fun track dedicated to anyone who left your life, and it’s their loss. It’s an anthem to not caring about those who don’t care about you.


‘I really love pop music and I think it often gets underrated for the ease at which you can tell a story with it. I love how we blended this feel-good element into a song which is essentially a middle finger.’

Produced by Kris La’Jon and mixed and mastered by Melbourne’s very own The Delivery Boy (Ali Belmont and The Delivery Boy, Syd The Lost, B.R), this track represent the new direction Hudson Wallace is taking and a taste of what is to come.