The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for Ryland Rose. His previous single “Almost Famous & Broke” catapulted him overseas when it entered the Billboard Viral Charts at #4 and peaked on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts at #5 .

Rose will be releasing a series of singles over the next few months – starting with the anthemic ‘Turn Up Feeling’, produced by long time partner in crime, JakeOnKeys. They began working on the project when Rose injured his ankle in late 2017, and found a new energising direction.

“It humbled me alot. I’d never used crutches before so I was a bit self conscious in public and I referred to myself as a ‘dork’ so from that point on we just built around the concept that everyone is a bit of a Dork when they know they won’t be judged. I’ve always known there is a goofy side to me and I used to hide it with music stuff. Then I realised being that person 110% of the time is probably the realest thing I can do. It took me a while to find my comfort zone, but this is the most re-energised I’ve felt.”

‘Turn Up Feeling’ is the first look into Ryland Rose’s upcoming project ‘DORK’. Over the past 18 months, the Australian has been playlisted on ‘Fresh Finds’ for his viral track ‘Almost Famous & Broke’, and also playlisted by Spotify Asia for the happy-trap anthem ‘Penny’.