‘Up Again’ is the brand new single from Gratis Minds feat. JK-47

From the sunny beaches of Northern NSW, Gratis Minds is comprised of Jon Doe and Jay Orient. Two extremely capable wordsmiths with a penchant for laid-back beach driven hip hop, they met in a coffee shop sparking up a conversation about a Joey Badass mixtape in 99′ and the rest is is musical history.

“We want the listeners to feel hopeful and uplifted after listening to this record. If there is one thing that the listener can take from this song its that if you get left feeling down by things in life, the only real option is to get back up again”. – Gratis Minds

After releasing their debut EP alongside a sold out launch party, the boys are busting 2018 wide open with new single “Up Again”. Featuring vocals from JK-47 alongside some influences from Earl Sweatshirt, J Dilla and Flying Lotus, Gratis Minds draw on their production knowledge from their time at SAE in Byron Bay. They also recorded the song with Jay Orient, Jon Do£ and JK-47 in a very free flowing and natural process, choosing to catch the vibe in the studio as opposed to strictly plotting out the sound.