‘Two By Two’ is the gloomy debut by Omijah feat. fellow Sydney rapper Royce Drixhen

Sydney songwriter Omijah has entered into the spotlight with a grand, gloomy debut banger, “TWO BY TWO”, featuring fellow Sydney rapper Royce Drixhen.

The heavy new single, which marks the two year anniversary of Drixhens own debut release, was made during the Sydney siders first collaborative studio session together, when they “caught a dope vibe” and wrote it on the spot.

Omijah and Royce Drixhen hold their own on the heavy new anthem as they each trade verses on where and what they can’t go without, either side of the haunting yet charismatic and cohesive hook.

“TWO BY TWO” is a late-night debut hit from Omijah that is as genre-bending as it is room-rattling, proving that he’s one of the most diverse new artists in Australia’s Hip-Hop landscape.