A New Hip Hop Jazzy Soundscape Project By Rapper Dialect & Producer Alnitak Kid

The debut single “Drift” from Adelaide Hip Hop duo Photograph Your Aura is an up tempo jam culminating a jazz fusion flavour with footwork style drum patterns blended by producer Alnitak Kid and respected rapper Dialect.

Released via label Blue Avian along with a video to communicate the emotion of drifting through life and love in spaces limited by words, PYA navigate deep into the waters of intuition or a type of knowing only compounded by the experiences of life, well crafted in creative expression. “It’s through parallel time and spaces as an individual, communicating the essence that drew me in to writing and creating music” expresses Dialect.

“Dialect is one of this generations truest lyricists. His way with words and his selection of music reflects his passion for pure Hip Hop. Not many lyricists have the knack to choose good music to use a canvas to display their art, but Nelson makes this connection effortlessly with the pairing of producer Alnitak Kid asPhotograph Your Aura. This album is timeless and we will be listening to it for years to come.” – A.G Showbiz & AG/DITC (Bronx, NYC)

Photograph Your Aura explores the nature of the soul and human intention through the abstract, at times unpredictable jazzy & psychedelic soundscapes which are both as serious as they are playful and irreverent throughout their works.

Over a decade touring across Australia, Dialect’s role in the Australian music landscape has been strong touring high profile shows across Australia as support for some of the biggest international Hip Hop artists including Lupe Fiasco at Big Day Out, Lord Finesse at Summadayze Festival, RZA, GZA & Ghost Face Killah of Wu Tang, DJ Premier, Kool Keith, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace & Mobb Deep among many more. Combine that with Alnitak Kid’s beat production over the last 15 years across multiple genres as well as touring with high profile artists Parkway Drive, Terror, Youth of Today, Title Fight & Comeback Kid makes for an off-kilter soundscape of out-the-box textures.

The cultural references found in the lyrics to ‘Drift’ about Rakim, NAS, Roc Raida and the Geto Boys to name a few are landmarks in the timeline of Dialect’s creative journey, “When I look back in retrospect, the movement seems sudden from the start of my musical path to now but when we are in the moment it truly is just a thought, song or word that can drift you through parallel universes” .

Drift with Photograph Your Aura as they create a solid soundtrack to your own experience, layered in deep textures, sounds and poetry that connects you to a gateway outside of this world.

You can catch Dialect performing his last shows before N.Y.C on March 31st, at the Rocket Bar, Adelaide. Also on the bill, Claz, Dyspora x Elsy, Social Change, Joint Ventures, Lobe & Melo.