Melbourne MC-producer Martian releases brand new single ‘Yesterday’

Melbourne MC-producer Martian (formerly Mini Coop) has released his brand new single Yesterday, the first release off his upcoming tape The Invasion. Martian showcases a diverse range of talents, as one of the only artists in the scene to write, record, mix, produce and, play all the instruments involved in the production process.

Martian, speaking on his approach to Hip Hop said “I just want to bring musicality back to the front and show that we can, and, should do more than rap to bring people together. In Yesterday I use a bunch of different skillsets and a playful vocab to introduce this world where everybody is welcome and we celebrate our unique individuality”. Yesterday is the perfect introduction to the mind of Martian, featuring an upbeat, summery feel and general good vibrations.

The track teases a playful and happy life where Martian is content with being abnormal and standing out, it also pushes the idea that it’s okay to be different and we should use our eccentricities to connect with each other.

Yesterday takes influence from a wide variety of Hip Hop sub-genres creating an exciting and unique blend of traditional and new-wave sounds, which is no surprise with Martian previously collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry such as 360, Chevy Levette and Dex.

Martian’s versatility shines throughout Yesterday in both production and lyricism, following the first verse the track slows with a catchy, heartening hook. The drums relax giving priority to the piano-driven melody and vocals, allowing the full gravity of the lyrics to sink in:

//Hope that you can hear me from a million miles away//
//We gone have a party while we floatin’ up in space//
//It’s alright, It’s okay, yeah//
//We’re doing better than yesterday//

In the coming months Martian will be dropping a number of singles in the wake of his East Coast Tour with fellow 4Fins, Clue, Johniepee and, Joey Maker closely followed by the May 18th release of The Invasion.