Brisbane-based hip-hop artist down4thecause delivers hard-hitting track ‘Like Me Not’

Brisbane-based hip-hop artist down4thecause is building momentum with his latest single ‘Like Me Not’. An emerging voice in the Australian hip-hop scene, down4thecause spits over an eerie fast-paced instrumental that merges trap production with grime. The energy on this record is undeniable. the lyrics are braggadocios, the flow is faultless and the delivery is charismatic.

down4thecause has an innovative approach to creating; he has a natural presence on the mic and a flow that is vibrant and compelling. He has a gift for phrasing and dynamics that seems to come naturally and ’Like Me Not’ is the perfect representation of this skill-set.

With signs down4thecause has been perfecting his craft for a long time; this is an artist worth paying close attention to. ‘Like Me Not’ features forward-thinking production, remarkable songwriting talent and vocals that command your attention, down4thecause has crafted something highly individual and captivating.