Rap Crew Oetha Release Debut Track ‘Sista Girl’

Oetha [pronounced O-E-tha] is a new rap group comprising of Indigenous lady powerhouses Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan. These three talented women are well connected and respected on a grass roots level in the music scene and both urban and remote Indigenous communities. The name Oetha is an acronym; it’s meaning being Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges.


Oetha are committed to making music that captures the many issues and associated emotions that Indigenous women go through. Like a journal Oetha captures the emotional journey these women travel and brings to life their untold stories.

Oetha’s debut track Sista Girl has a soul hip-hop style with a Lauryn Hill twist. The overall Sista Girl sound is like a warm spring sunset, a late night d ‘n’ m [deep and meaningful] with some rise & shine soul flavour. Lady Lash brings her sound in an intimate, positive, sharp edge reflective piece, while Dizzy kicks off the song with a strong presence and foundation all while Miss Hood brings reflection and style.

Their debut track Sista Girl is out now!