Anthony Devine Presents: Contest Us The Album

Anthony Devine, son of Melbourne jazz musician Gary Devine, was almost inevitably set to pursue a career in music. Having taken up piano at the age of eight and studying primarily under Andy Cowan, he progressed to studying bass guitar at age twelve with notable figures such as Dan West, Wylie J. Miller, Tim Pryde, and Drew Deadman. Now, having worked for some years across a diverse range of musical styles including Hip-Hop, Reggae, Metal, Funk, Jazz, and Afrobeat, he has honed his skills as a progressive musician and had the privilege of playing with prominent artists such as King … Continue reading Anthony Devine Presents: Contest Us The Album

Ishu presents the new single “World Domination feat. Elf Tranzporter”

Following the successful release of his album A World in Progress and single Progress feat. Mantra, Ishu is releasing a second single titled World Domination feat. Elf Tranzporter. An up-tempo hip hop tune driven by regal horns and dramatic strings, with the highly skilled veteran Elf Tranzporter on the mic. Elf Tranzporter, well known for his politically charged lyricism both solo and as part of the Melbourne hip hop outfit Combat Wombat, delves into events and ethical issues in the pharmaceutical industry and conniving corporate takeover strategies. Much like the rest of the album, World Domination feat. Elf Tranzporter was … Continue reading Ishu presents the new single “World Domination feat. Elf Tranzporter”

Kadyelle – Earthworthy LP

Female emcee Kadyelle is set to release her highly anticipated album Earthworthy. The album has been described as 16 tracks of mutual masturbation……. featuring Thorts, Esvee, Class A, JP, Morgan Macmanus, Nikkita, Lady Lash, G-Force & Butler Yeats. Production by Proph1, Xcise and Crytearia. This is what Kadyelle had to say about the Earthworthy LP release: My LP “Earthworthy” is out in March/April 2010 and I am currently taking orders from those kind enough to help us fund the process. It features some tasty raps from Thorts, Esvee, JP, Class A, Nikkita, Lady Lash, G-Force, Butler Yeats and Morgan Macmanus. … Continue reading Kadyelle – Earthworthy LP