Alex Parkman Feels A Way On New Single ‘Out Of Touch’

Zimbabwean born, Perth native Alex Parkman emerges with his debut, feature length single, Out of Touch. Parkman delivers a smooth blend of new-wave Hip Hop and R&B with deep, emotive concepts.

As a Zimbabwean born immigrant, He moved to Australia with excitement for his new life. With the challenges of adjusting to a new culture, Alex quickly found comfort in knowing that music transcended all cultural barriers.

For him, making music was a gateway to connect and formed a sense of belonging. Out of Touch is an emotional anthem that explores aspects of lust, communication, and love. It delves into the idea of a distant relationship that is constantly out of reach.

I can see I’m bad for your health
I saw it in your eyes, I could tell you needed help
I just want you all to myself
You told me you were loved, can you tell me how it felt

The single utilises a range of moody synths and leads to create an emotional canvas for Alex’s deep, distorted vocals. The minimalist percussion and heavy auto-tune create a sombre yet flowing soundtrack to emphasise the themes of love and lust presented in the lyrics.

Parkman plans to spend 2018 releasing stand-alone singles and working with a wide variety of up and coming producers to further craft his dynamic and authentic sound before the release of his debut EP due in late 2019.