Helen Earth X Shadz release new album ‘Hell Is Other People’

Helen Earth has returned with her sophomore release ‘Hell Is Other People’ this time teaming up with a fellow beast on the mic in Shadz. Her debut album ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ was a lyrical and brutal release and this album very much follows the same path. Tracks such as ‘We Don’t Give A Fuck’, ‘The People’s Choice’ and ‘Case Closed’ featuring BTE’s Ciecmate has everyone on warning.  

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Partner in rhyme Shadz, brings another element to ‘Hell Is Other People’ with his ruthless battle bars and somewhat dry humour. This is a duo you can’t fuck with. The new album features production from the beat crusher Mat Rafle and also the unstoppable Insideus. Cuts are handled by none other than the head honcho of Shake Down Records, Rob Shaker.


Hell Is Other People is available now on vinyl, CD and digital releases. Shop here