Skurge & MarsMadness Resonate

Here we have a recently released album from Skurge and MarsMadness titled Resonate. Resonate reflects the collaboration between the psychedelic wordsmith Skurge Swindle, and the smooth hustling, street busking, MPC master Mars Madness.  Skurge launches in, planting seeds of infinite possibility and articulating his perception of this fascinating multi-dimensional reality, whilst MarsMadness executes his wizardry on the MPC. Resonate seeks to achieve equilibrium and transcend duality by telling deep and significant stories through both beats and rhymes. This release not only harks back to a time where hip hop artists were actually respected for their skill level, but also aims to reinforce the importance we all … Continue reading Skurge & MarsMadness Resonate

Master Wolf Never Question The Dopeness

After 15 years at the coalface of Australia’s underground hip hop community, MC Skinz – one of the most underrated but most consistently active MCs in the country – has seen it all. Now emerging with his first ever solo project Master Wolf, Skinz has finally arrived on his own via a career that’s seen him supporting legendary international artists such as KRS-One, Grandmaster Flash, Chali2na and Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5), Lyrics Born, Mystro, Foreign Beggars and Homebrew. As an MC, producer and performer with KryptamistiK – a crew he co-founded at just 15 – as well as All Underground … Continue reading Master Wolf Never Question The Dopeness

Scripted Dialects – Word Travels

Three MC’s, turntables, beats, samples and guitar – Scripted Dialects are a hip-hop outfit rising from the sun-baked streets of Brisbane since 2008. The three lads embrace traditional hip hop axioms whilst also incorporating the spirit and stylistic elements evolved from growing up in the cultural basins of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Years spent at the beach, barbecues, beers, skating, surfing, sitting around campfires and the feel good vibe of Australia are contrasted by the intolerance, racism, class segregation and the political parochialism that divides our country. Their debut EP, Just Pressed Record (2009), was an 8-track … Continue reading Scripted Dialects – Word Travels