Scripted Dialects – Word Travels

Three MC’s, turntables, beats, samples and guitar – Scripted Dialects are a hip-hop outfit rising from the sun-baked streets of Brisbane since 2008. The three lads embrace traditional hip hop axioms whilst also incorporating the spirit and stylistic elements evolved from growing up in the cultural basins of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

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Years spent at the beach, barbecues, beers, skating, surfing, sitting around campfires and the feel good vibe of Australia are contrasted by the intolerance, racism, class segregation and the political parochialism that divides our country. Their debut EP, Just Pressed Record (2009), was an 8-track affair, showing the dichotomy of country and city living; the release was the bands coming of age as they coalesced in the big smoke of Brisbane, forging common ties with its inhabitants and rocking shows from the Valley to Mackay to Woodford. Following the release, Scripted Dialects were short listed and highly commended at the 2011 Queensland Music Awards for their track Lost & Found.

The two years post-debut EP have been busy times with the band focusing energies on their debut LP, Word Travels. Released November 2012, the album picks up where the EP left off – hip hop grooves, acoustic samples, funky synthesizers, live guitar tracking, turntablism and MC’ing, with added production polish, a few high tempo tracks and maturing style. Word Travels explores themes encompassing national identity, big brother paranoia, the plight of refugees and environmental concern; steam-trained by party tracks evoking beach culture, drinking, big bass, sex, drugs and hip hop.

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