Delta – Alien EP

Delta stands unparalleled as a seasoned cultural ambassador for purist hip hop in Australia. Since releasing The Second Story three years ago, the hip hop world has been anxiously awaiting his next release. Beloved for his dependable quality of production, lyricism and execution, Delta is a champion of his craft. The first single from upcoming album Pyramid Schemes (due late 2012) is Alien, a hypnotic sample-heavy track which explores human identity outside of the rat race, among the infinite cosmos that lies beyond. Alien is introduced by a foreword from the father and original architect of hip hop, DJ Kool … Continue reading Delta – Alien EP

James Hartley and Delta

I wasn’t able to find much info on the man himself, but James Hartley surely lets his pictures speak for themselves. Hartley has had the pleasure of working with many groups by the looks of his blog, but we’re interested in none other than the ‘Lostralian’ Delta. Hartley’s cool style compliments his subject matter and it seems that Delta agrees. James’ blog features a couple of galleries with Delta. We see press shots for Onion and J-Mag and we also see some cool live shots from a concert earlier this year. You can check out these dope shots over at … Continue reading James Hartley and Delta

D. E. L. T. A. – The Second Story

The Second Story, Delta tells with help from old friends and new: Mark B, Mojo, The Dap-Kings, Psycho Les, Milano, Prowla and M-Phazes and more. The art apparent on The Lostralian is elevated and polished to perfection. The record excels: darker and more insightful, but at the same time more playful, with verses that have the listener reaching for rewind. In addition, it boasts a production aesthetic that evokes, but never attempts to emulate, the records that originally made hip hop such a powerful force in popular culture. It’s a sound unheard from the southern hemisphere. With The Second Story … Continue reading D. E. L. T. A. – The Second Story