Midas.Gold OOOOOO

Midas.Gold AKA Ket Lawd is an enigma. Born on a summer storms night to a grandiose choir of baby angels on stage for Ghost Face Killah. He’s made a name for himself creating some dopest tracks this side of the hemisphere, and his latest single ‘000000’ is no exception to this. A track that brings together some atmospheric sounds and killer lines, Midas.Gold smashes a powerful break through release with ‘000000’; a track that packs a few surprises and is certain to turn heads.  With comparisons to “the first time you touched your private parts” by Midas.Gold himself, ‘000000’ is certain to make you feel something. The track pumps … Continue reading Midas.Gold OOOOOO

Don Vitale Feat. Midas Gold Chop About It

One afternoon not long ago Don Vitale of The Hated got in his car and drove from Byron Bay to the Bedlam studio where he found Midas Gold and producer Brayden Doig. The next morning the trio emerged from the smokey lab with fire, a new single called Chop About It. With the help of Maria Bui and Ellen Taylor a video was not far behind, shot in the studio and around Brisbane the clip is the first of many collaborations to come. With a Midas Gold EP produced by Psywife nearing completion you can expect to see releases from … Continue reading Don Vitale Feat. Midas Gold Chop About It