Midas.Gold OOOOOO

Midas.Gold AKA Ket Lawd is an enigma. Born on a summer storms night to a grandiose choir of baby angels on stage for Ghost Face Killah.


He’s made a name for himself creating some dopest tracks this side of the hemisphere, and his latest single ‘000000’ is no exception to this. A track that brings together some atmospheric sounds and killer lines, Midas.Gold smashes a powerful break through release with ‘000000’; a track that packs a few surprises and is certain to turn heads. 

With comparisons to “the first time you touched your private parts” by Midas.Gold himself, ‘000000’ is certain to make you feel something. The track pumps self-confidence and smashes killer lines in Midas.Gold’s typical fast paced and quick tongued fashion. It’s a track that preaches success, power and killer instincts that takes you on a journey packed with sharp lines and deep thought; ‘000000’ certainly is more than just tight musicianship. Find out for what the fuss is all about for yourself.

Produced by lads ATHD (James Angus & Mo Liaison), the addictive beats bring another element to Midas.Gold’s sucker punching lyrics. A layered swirl of music contrasts quite brilliantly, in an addictive ‘floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee’ fashion.

After just coming off the back of the support tour for triple j hip-hop show host, Hau, and nabbing a spot on Ivan Ooze’s national tour, Midas.Gold is putting in the hard yards and proving himself as a killer live act.. You can see just all the hype there is surrounding this man’s talent and ‘000000’ is certainly a testament to that. 

 ‘000000’ is out now via Bedlam Records.