DJ Flagrant – Pool Cleaner Video Mix

Melbourne’s own DJ Flagrant is a synonymous entity within Australia’s music scene. Candidly nicknamed The Business Man, Flagrant built his reputation over his decade of experience in the many components of the industry. Australian born / US raised Nate Flagrant began the pursuit of his hip hop career in the early 90’s after seeing DMC competitor Alejan meticulously scratch and blend records at a rave in Nashville, Tennessee. Starting out on a single Sony turntable, Flagrant spent many sleepless nights perfecting his sound to replicate the DMC flavor that had influenced him. After returning to his hometown of Melbourne in 1999, … Continue reading DJ Flagrant – Pool Cleaner Video Mix

Yung Nooky – Survivors EP (Indent Ten Year Tour)

Nooky is from Nowra on the South Coast and is a proud member of the Yuin Nation. Yung Nooky is a fresh new blend of club banging sounds and socially conscious lyrics. Yung Nooky keeps strong cultural identity at the forefront of all his artistic endeavors. He has over 90 performances under his belt, ranging from community to international events and festivals. Ozi Batla from Elefant Traks produced Yung Nooky’s debut EP Survivors as well as featuring on the track Salute. Survivors is due to drop next month. Nooky also recently flew to LA to record with Taboo from the … Continue reading Yung Nooky – Survivors EP (Indent Ten Year Tour)


In its first week of release, State Of The Art, by the Hilltop Hoods has gone gold, selling 35000 or more units. State Of The Art has rocketed to the top of the ARIA charts, relegating The E.N.D. – Black Eyed Peas to second spot and Pink – Funhouse to 3rd. Check the ARIA site for a full run down of the top 50 here. An interview with the lads just dropped on the Certified Scribe blog here. The guys had this to say about the album; “The three of us are definitely more proud of State Of The Art … Continue reading STATE OF THE ART – GOLD(en Era)