Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

​Shrewd emcee Mr. Ruckman has been writing and recording songs for well over a decade, toiling away in the underground for several years and generating interest through his passionate music and lively performances. His newest two-part project, follows a simplistic, almost mundane approach in its concept, with each song topic focusing on a specific verb, be it abstract, ironic or just straight literal. Such limitations could be considered a creative-hinderance to an artist, but Mr. Ruckman proves the contrary with refreshingly canny results. The concept comes from a place of monotony, with Mr. Ruckman feeling as though his passion is … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

7’6: Organic Synthesis

7’6 presents debut album Organic Synthesis, a body of work which breathes new life into hip hop as we know it. Citing acts such as J Dilla, Bonobo, Flying Lotus, Hermitude, and Rudimental as his inspirations. 7‘6 prides himself on having an eclectic and unique sound selection spanning across genres. What sets a 7’6 release apart is his ability to set the scene via soundscape. A dexterous musician, 7’6 has composed the album so that each instrument tells its own story to form a cohesive whole. Having either produced for or recorded many recognized artists previously, 7’6 felt that it was … Continue reading 7’6: Organic Synthesis

The Silent Titan – Outer Circle Movements

The Silent Titan comes forth with his second solo production record since his debut, For The Rest of My Days dropped worldwide in September, 2011. Travel, movement, time, space, speculation, nostalgia, and observation; These everyday circumstances are the themes highlighted on this record.  The Silent Titan aka Tom Charuk is a producer from Australia working consistently behind the boards to develop a worldwide following through his hip-hop roots.Soulful, hard hitting, sample heavy production, seamlessly intertwined with live instrumentation, synthesis, and an array of talented vocalists, makes this release a monumental benchmark in  The Silent Titan’s ever expanding portfolio. Always providing originality with … Continue reading The Silent Titan – Outer Circle Movements

The Silent Titan – For The Rest Of My Days (Out March 11, pre-order below)

The Silent Titan’s debut album For The Rest of My Days is brought to the world through the creative mind of Tomasz Charuk aka Tommy Fiasko, of the Thundamentals. Producing music for almost ten years, this album has been a long time coming. The Silent Titan is a Blue Mountains based artist drawing influence from producers such as DJ Premier, Black Milk, J Dilla and local Australian stalwarts Hermitude. The Silent Titan flips his unique style upon the album, while developing a body of music which is sure to be heard loud and clear in the modern hip hop movement. … Continue reading The Silent Titan – For The Rest Of My Days (Out March 11, pre-order below)