Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

​Shrewd emcee Mr. Ruckman has been writing and recording songs for well over a decade, toiling away in the underground for several years and generating interest through his passionate music and lively performances. His newest two-part project, follows a simplistic, almost mundane approach in its concept, with each song topic focusing on a specific verb, be it abstract, ironic or just straight literal. Such limitations could be considered a creative-hinderance to an artist, but Mr. Ruckman proves the contrary with refreshingly canny results. The concept comes from a place of monotony, with Mr. Ruckman feeling as though his passion is … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

Mr. Ruckman – The Born-Again Humanist

One of the more impressive organisms to have emerged from the primordial soup is the KadusRuckmanopolis, an intimidating and cumbersome species of Australian rapper who has evolved a higher form of lyricism. He can be found either shattering his opponents self-worth, as well as future prospects of mating, or fertilising recording studios with rhymes more potent then a red kangaroos penis. His purposes can be as noble as the telling of a story, to as narcissistic as promoting his own insanity, if he has not already dissolved into delusions of grandeur about his average-sized genitalia. Emerging triumphantly from where his … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman – The Born-Again Humanist

Happy Valentines day?? Hau – Love The Beast Mixtape

To kick off this corporate day of love, Hau from Koolism is celebrating with a free mixtape for all  ‘Love the Beast’. Named after the Eric Bana doco, it’s bits and pieces Hau’s been working on, with original beats and other people’s instrumentals. Jacob Giles helped Hau put this one together but we also see a track produced by Katalyst (Space Invaders) and MGO on the artwork (Obeast Records ‘Badder Than Osama’….classic!). To grab this banging mixtape click here. Hau has also been busy working on his own blog which you can check out, by following the link here. Feel free … Continue reading Happy Valentines day?? Hau – Love The Beast Mixtape

Hau – Love The Beast Mixtape (FREE)

On Hau’s down time he likes to do a lot of writing and recording. Koolism business gets taken care of first, but every other chance he gets, he’s busting into someone’s studio to make music. That’s why you’ll hear Hau working with the likes of Astronomy Class, Urthboy, A-Love, Hilltop Hoods, Resin Dogs… etc etc. Not only because they are his peoples, but just because he loves to make music. Well, penning lyrics and rapping them. Hau’s also gotta big up the folks who have played hospitable producers/ engineers like Katalyst, D’Opus, BVA, DJ Bonez, Trials and the list goes … Continue reading Hau – Love The Beast Mixtape (FREE)