Mr. Ruckman – The Born-Again Humanist

One of the more impressive organisms to have emerged from the primordial soup is the KadusRuckmanopolis, an intimidating and cumbersome species of Australian rapper who has evolved a higher form of lyricism.

Mr Ruckman

He can be found either shattering his opponents self-worth, as well as future prospects of mating, or fertilising recording studios with rhymes more potent then a red kangaroos penis. His purposes can be as noble as the telling of a story, to as narcissistic as promoting his own insanity, if he has not already dissolved into delusions of grandeur about his average-sized genitalia.

Emerging triumphantly from where his debut signed off, The Born-Again Humanist shows a ‘re-born’ artist expressing new and developed ideas and values. ‘Born-Again’ not in the tradition religious sense, but infact the contrary, with evolution and humanism being the underlying theme throughout. Mr. Ruckman presents lyrics of a profound nature and skilful caliber, complimenting the raw production of local musicians to acclaimed hip-hop producers Simplex and Jacob Giles.

From writing eloquently on controversial subjects to exploring human nature, Mr. Ruckman breaks free of conventional hip-hop topics and speaks on the importance of knowledge, freedom of speech, secularism, reason and forward thinking. 

The Born-Again Humanist includes his circulating singles Adam & Eve; a rock-infused comedic number fuelled by a dynamic live band, and Mammoth; a sharp-tongued, double-time flow with a monster backing by Austrian-born producer Jacob Giles. Both singles are available on iTunes with Adam & Eve currently seeing airplay on Triple J Unearthed.

The record also features a unique hip-hop re-working of Crucify Your Mind by underground folk legend Rodriguez, featured in the recent award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Sampled and co-produced by Mr. Ruckman himself, the song has re-invented a cult classic and seen praise from die-hard Rodriguez. Ladies and gentleman of the educated world, we present to you, the born-again… Mr.Ruckman

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