This Kids Got Beats For Days

Little Wonder Productions release’s Oath – 2wenty8days By now, you may have heard of a little independent label based in Victoria doing BIG, BIG things. Little Wonder Productions is a hip hop, funk and soul label involved in the production, manufacture and distribution of its products on various audio formats. Headed up by Doc Felix, the label specialises in small run and limited edition music. Their latest project, an absolute ground shaker. The beat scene in Australia has seen massive changes over the past decade. Artists such as Katalyst, Pasobionic, Hermitude, Plutonic Lab and more lead the way with their … Continue reading This Kids Got Beats For Days

Hermitude Ukiyo

Hermitude are back up in your grill with a stomping new banger. This marks the first time in quite awhile that we’ve seen new tunes for the boys over at Hermitude, but it couldn’t have come soon enough. The brand new track titled Ukiyo, features a synth showcase smashed with feminine vocals, culminating in an explosion of head bouncing beats. The Hermitude boys are right on the mark with this one. Be sure to catch Hermitude live as they prepare to depart on a UK (+Germany) tour in May. The tour, will hit Liverpool, Brighton and Berlin. The new tune Ukiyo follows on from a dope … Continue reading Hermitude Ukiyo