Losty Millionaire feat B-Don, MiZi & Aliya Dusk Official Video

After two successful releases, three mix tapes, and requests to jump on tracks with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Losty is ready to begin a new legacy with the first of three EP’s Legacy Chapter One: Starting Again. The video for the EP’s first single Millionaire sees Losty with collaborators B-Don, MiZi and Aliya Dusk using Sydney’s Hyde Park and the streets of Melbourne as their backdrop with some fly-on-the-wall footage of Losty at home, in the studio and spending time with his newborn. The below quote, which kicks off the clip for ‘Millionaire‘ perfectly encapsulates the sentiment … Continue reading Losty Millionaire feat B-Don, MiZi & Aliya Dusk Official Video

Sleepwalkers – The Nocturnal Journey

The underdogs of Western Sydney return to set a new bench mark for the ever growing local hip hop scene. Sleepwalkers are turning heads to make necks crack and The Nocturnal Journey is no exception. Sleepwalkers have just graduated to the underground sophomore class after releasing The Nocturnal Journey, following their debut mixtape The Awakening. The boys have taken their ever so diverse, hard hitting debut mixtape and built off it, tided up some freshmen loose ends and straight out busted blood, sweat and tears to take each element of an emcee to the next level. The Nocturnal Journey is … Continue reading Sleepwalkers – The Nocturnal Journey

B-Don & Mizi – Ok, so..

Palace Records proudly presents B-Don & Mizi, an exciting breath of fresh air into underground Hip Hop from Sydney. On the verge of releasing both individual solo projects and a joint LP,the guys have already performed together for a extenive list of international artists whilst establishing their own label and studio, Studio B & Palace Records. In association with Telemizion and allaussiehiphop.com, B-Don & Mizi are excited to present the first video in a mixtape series to be released in the coming months ‘Ok, so..‘ This track is B-Don & Mizi getting back to basics, doing what they love to do… … Continue reading B-Don & Mizi – Ok, so..