House Of Beige DJS Rocket Bar & Rooftop

Creative collective, studio, squad – House Of Beige has meant a lot of things to the pair, and now it means a record label that is “a long-term dream come true”, says Sensible J. Remi continues his impressive rise in the industry; from J Award winner, to winning the Australian Music Prize in 2014, and now to launching his own record label, it’s been a whirlwind two years for him. “Whilst House of Beige will release records that we think are amazing, it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s a space where we can recognise our incredibly talented homies … Continue reading House Of Beige DJS Rocket Bar & Rooftop

D. E. L. T. A. – The Second Story

The Second Story, Delta tells with help from old friends and new: Mark B, Mojo, The Dap-Kings, Psycho Les, Milano, Prowla and M-Phazes and more. The art apparent on The Lostralian is elevated and polished to perfection. The record excels: darker and more insightful, but at the same time more playful, with verses that have the listener reaching for rewind. In addition, it boasts a production aesthetic that evokes, but never attempts to emulate, the records that originally made hip hop such a powerful force in popular culture. It’s a sound unheard from the southern hemisphere. With The Second Story … Continue reading D. E. L. T. A. – The Second Story