Who the fuck is Baro?

You may have heard his name of late, he has just been announced as support for Allday’s National Startup Cult Tour, and is also performing on the UV Boi Thank U single tour. Baro is also appearing at the noisey Vice party, with Milwaukee Banks, Moonbase Commander and more. That all goes down early August. You can RSVP for that event here. Baro recently released a mixtape titled HOWGOODISGOOD?, which was put together mostly in his bedroom. The release is mixed & mastered by Ancentric and features production from Ancentric, The Cancel, Oiigi, Jublet & ESESE. It also features emcees … Continue reading Who the fuck is Baro?

Droopy & Mosé – Kosher

Palace is the culmination of love for music, style and hard work. A melting pot of musicality and emotion, Palace marks a new beginning of sorts for a heavily slept on duo, Droopy & Mosé, whom are poised to jumpstart the renewal of a heavily slept on scene. Always a beautiful partnership when the two join forces, Palace constitutes a brief, but powerful threetrack release, which covers all bases, and keeps the listener craving for more. Hard hitting beats, laced with expressive, soulful chords, layered with thought-provoking yet beautiful lyricism. Palace does not aim to be the new-release, up-to-date, progressive … Continue reading Droopy & Mosé – Kosher

The Night release debut EP

The Night have just released their self titled debut EP on Hearts & Minds records. The EP has been 12 months in the making and features four tracks of genre crossing rap, synths and 808’s – from the deep vibes of Downtime to the big room dance chords of Outtasight. The track Bright Lights features the amazing vocal talents of Melboure based singer Maya, and UFO drops psychedelic club rap with creative sampling. The Night is a side project for producer/writer 1928, who featured at this years Stereosonic Festival, and rapper Mosé, who is about to hit the US for a series … Continue reading The Night release debut EP