Droopy & Mosé – Kosher

Palace is the culmination of love for music, style and hard work. A melting pot of musicality and emotion, Palace marks a new beginning of sorts for a heavily slept on duo, Droopy & Mosé, whom are poised to jumpstart the renewal of a heavily slept on scene. Always a beautiful partnership when the two join forces, Palace constitutes a brief, but powerful threetrack release, which covers all bases, and keeps the listener craving for more. Hard hitting beats, laced with expressive, soulful chords, layered with thought-provoking yet beautiful lyricism. Palace does not aim to be the new-release, up-to-date, progressive hype music that is commonly heard nowadays. All we want to do is combine our love of hip-hop with some classic flows, leaving the listener with something destined for the repeat button.


Droopy is a hip hop-based music producer from Melbourne, Australia with a thick, textured sound and subtle soulful undertones. At times complex and at others sparse, Droopy maintains a philosophy when creating that draws from the raw honesty within the music – something he is able to find in all the artists with whom he works.

Droopy creates music to influence moods and create atmospheres – music that speaks to the listener at their most vulnerable. At other times, the music is uplifting with large, expansive choruses and tense breakdowns. Whatever the mood of the music, the sound reflects the goal of movement and progression that all of Menlo Park strives for: the aim will always be quality in creativity and to master versatility.

Mosé is an MC, multi-instrumentalist, producer, fun-lover, poet, whatever you want to call him, Mosé brings an element that has never before seen and creates an aura, whether through recordings or an energetic live show, that cannot be duplicated. Already seeing success through a myriad of achievements including, but not limited to, debut EP, In The Name Of… released in 2008, the BlackRed and facethefront [mixedByBEAMS] mixtapes, released in 2010 and 2011 respectively and the collaborative Mosinatra EP with DroopyRoof, released also in 2011.

Playing an extensive list of venues such as Acer Arena, Colonial Hotel, Hamer Hall Revolver, Veludo, a host of festivals and supporting international guests together with his band ‘The FMLY’ [family, stylized], they create a pumping live show, charismatic and soulful in flavor, pleasing to both the audio and visual senses. It’s safe to say the secret is out and for good reason. With a positive, revolutionary message, a cool style, full of soul, musicality and vibrance, Mosé brings a new edge to a hungry scene.

The FMLY is in no way detached from Mosé, or Mosé detached from the FMLY. When it comes to a live show, the FMLY are renowned for putting in work and being one of the best bands in the business. A collaboration of artists in itself, the FMLY melds together Mosé with drummer Loyal Tuariki (DDrum endorsed), Constant Voglis on the bass guitar, Natashya Fernando supplying BVs, Matt Brewer on keys and Droopy himself on guitar and sampling duties. Mosé has long envisioned something like the FMLY to come around for live shows. With more than just music for you to listen to, there has always been a certain reality to everything Mosé has released.

It definitely comes from a place that’s raw and internal, however executed by rhyme beautifully. Droopy adds to the velocity of each release and crafts his own stamp upon which everything is tailored to suit Mosé’s elegant flow. The duo just want to live out their dreams, and have found that it takes nothing but hard work and skill to achieve them. Already causing a buzz internationally, the whole group is on point to be thrown into circles of stardom and are all set to do so. Don’t sleep.

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