Ellesquire – On The Prowl Official Video

Ellesquire blends humorous, self deprecating lyrics with more traditional hip hop style braggadocio battle raps while exploring topics from reflections on life and heart break to visions for his future. But not one to confine himself to just rapping Ellesquire also shows some singing talent handling hooks with a clear ear for melody. Ready is a 17-track collection of songs produced entirely by beatmaker/jazz musician extraordinaire P Major, featuring sample heavy, lo-fi beats alongside soulful, eloquent rhymes with guest spots by P.Smurf, Tenth Dan & Rapaport and cuts by Sam Z. On The Prowl is the lead single from Ellesquire’s debut album … Continue reading Ellesquire – On The Prowl Official Video

Loose Change free album

Sydney based hip hop crew, Loose Change release their debut album of laidback, infectious beats and honest, soul soaked raps. Combine a beatmaker with a golden touch on the drum machine, two emcees with gifted flows and life-fuelled lyricism, and a DJ who brings it altogether live. This is Loose Change. Emcees Rapaport and Ellesquire provide heartfelt lyrics with a sharp delivery. The raps are backed up by the sample-heavy P major production, with gritty drums, chopped up rhodes samples and moog-synth basslines. Cuts by Sam Z and some formidable guest verses by P Smurf, and the Loose Change sound … Continue reading Loose Change free album