Mathas gives you ‘Free Shit’ and announces national tour dates

Perth’s multi-faceted and genre-bending rapper Mathas is certainly an artist that can’t be pinned down by the rigid genre boundaries of hip-hop. The ferociously talented songwriter, producer, poet and performer brings you ‘Free Shit’, the next installment and the fourth single to be taken from his highly-anticipated sophomore album Armwrestling Atlas, due for release in the second half of 2015. Fellow Perth contemporary Mei Saraswati has been enlisted as guest vocalist, along with producer Ylem to create the cloud-like ambient spaces and warm, synthetic textures of ‘Free Shit’, while lyrically, we journey through the mine-field of modern consumerism and its … Continue reading Mathas gives you ‘Free Shit’ and announces national tour dates

Mathas – Nourishment feat. Abbe May

While a founding member of Perth music and arts collective The Community and heavily involved in underground hip hop and electronic music since 2004, it’s only now that master MC/producer/singer/genre-bender/song psychologist Mathas is truly ready to make a massive statement far wider than at home. Releasing his 10 Pound Hairless Sasquatch (Paper Chain/Community) album to rave reviews in 2009, an evolution in style last year saw Mathas taking out the WAMi Award for Best Hip Hop Artist and a Most Popular Single nomination for White Sugar, a sweet taste of new things to come. His sophomore album Armwrestling Atlas is … Continue reading Mathas – Nourishment feat. Abbe May

FG – Making Space

Part emcee, part producer and 100% weird beard, the FG species (genus strangus guyus) can be recognised by its faithful reproduction of soul samples and its limited freestyle skills. It is often found in a lab with an expression of frustration and disappointment on its odd countenance or on the front porch writing its artist bio while surrounded by empty beer bottles. Making Space is the product of four years wandering lost through the streets of life, work and hip hop. Its songs cover topics as far ranging as eco-tastrephy driven zombie apocalypses, neurotic psychiatric sessions, love lost, records found and … Continue reading FG – Making Space