FG – Making Space

Part emcee, part producer and 100% weird beard, the FG species (genus strangus guyus) can be recognised by its faithful reproduction of soul samples and its limited freestyle skills. It is often found in a lab with an expression of frustration and disappointment on its odd countenance or on the front porch writing its artist bio while surrounded by empty beer bottles.

Making Space is the product of four years wandering lost through the streets of life, work and hip hop. Its songs cover topics as far ranging as eco-tastrephy driven zombie apocalypses, neurotic psychiatric sessions, love lost, records found and the joys of working life. Featuring the WAM Hip Hop Song of the Year winning song, The Ego-dystonic Blues, and comprised of a plethora of soul sounds, Making Space is a homage to the forgotten records of our past and a record of the forgotten pasts we all have.

Making Space is the first release from Human Writes Records (HWR) and a new addition to the numerous releases from Perth’s premiere artists and musicians collective, The Community.

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