DJ Silence In The Shadows

With a name to match his quiet demeanour, one could be mistaken for thinking that DJ Silence hasn’t got much to say. The truth is, he mightn’t talk much but his music speaks volumes. He is a focussed and critical producer of exceptional talent and, at various times, the man behind the decks for artists such as Empty, ASAP, Wisdom2th, DVS and FG In the Shadows is 5 tracks of raw, moody sample based beats that give a firm nod to the golden age of hip hop production whilst maintaining a progressive and contemporary sound. DJ Silence draws influences from … Continue reading DJ Silence In The Shadows

Selekt Few Rights & Responsibilities feat. MD & Charley Caruso

Selekt Few are a hip hop duo from the south side of Perth who have been working together since early 2009. We are happy to introducing their first official single from their debut album MD and it’s titled Rights & Responsibilities feat. MD & Charley Caruso. MC Shareef and Producer / MC Percuss (aka Ruxton) made their first mark on the scene with their song Words that appeared on the Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen album in released in 2011. You can catch Selekt Few launching their album, May 16th at Mojos Bar, North Fremantle. The night will feature live performances from Wisdom2th, … Continue reading Selekt Few Rights & Responsibilities feat. MD & Charley Caruso

Able8 x Wisdom2th – The Only Thing

Wisdom2th (pronounced ‘wisdom tooth’) is a musician/comedic performer currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. Wisdom2th is known for two distinct qualities: firstly, his phenomenal afro; and secondly, the fact that he is a highly proficient multi-instrumentalist and accomplished emcee and beatmaker.  Wisdom2th has worked with numerous artists including Marksman, ASAP, The Anonymous, RhymeAudial, FG, G.B.X and the list goes on. A producer in the true sense of the word, Wisdom2th has constructed, arranged, co-written, recorded, mixed and mastered tunes for a wide range of artists in a wide range of genres from the comfort of his personal studio space. As an artist, Wisdom2th’s … Continue reading Able8 x Wisdom2th – The Only Thing

FG – Making Space

Part emcee, part producer and 100% weird beard, the FG species (genus strangus guyus) can be recognised by its faithful reproduction of soul samples and its limited freestyle skills. It is often found in a lab with an expression of frustration and disappointment on its odd countenance or on the front porch writing its artist bio while surrounded by empty beer bottles. Making Space is the product of four years wandering lost through the streets of life, work and hip hop. Its songs cover topics as far ranging as eco-tastrephy driven zombie apocalypses, neurotic psychiatric sessions, love lost, records found and … Continue reading FG – Making Space