JUNE 12 – A huge day in aussie hip hop


With two huge release’s dropping yesterday and a massive concert from Bliss n Eso at Festival Hall, it surely was the biggest day on the hip hop calendar this year.
All reports on Twitter said the Bliss N Eso show was massive.
Soulmate Records had this to say solm8 “‘Happy In My Hoody’ remix feat Pez + 360 LIVE was rather epic…”

Yesterday also saw the release of the highly anticipated State Of The Art album from the Hilltop Hoods. My local hip hop retailer said “We have sold over a hundred in 3 hours”.

Bliss n Eso also used June 12 as the release date for their Flying Colours Live: Deluxe DVD/CD. The next few months will be busy for both fans and artists alike, with national tours from both Bliss N Eso and the Hilltop Hoods.

Check here for the details of the Bliss N Eso Tour

Check here for the details of the Hilltop Hoods Tour