The Creep Team – The Creep St. EP

Comprising of MC’s Agent Remix and Crisis, the Creep Team is the offspring of Melbourne based group Phonic Division. Since their emergence in 2002, Phonic Division gained a reputable fan base distributing 1000 demo CD’s and supporting several international and local acts. The period following their disbandment in 2006 was a time of reflection as far as music was concerned for both Agent Remix and Crisis, focusing more on their lives and the world around them as influence. Not only did they do so to create music but to expand their now limitless vision to run far deeper than any earlier work. The Creep Team took this time to refine their studio work and build an energetic live show. The Creep Street EP is the result of this transition period.

Welcome to Junk City, home of the scum, the filth, down trodden and head strong. A tailor fitted backdrop that acts as a platform for the Creep Team to deliver a portrait of their lives and social commentary of the world around them to the consumer. A group firmly grounded in reality, the Creep Team intertwine their craft with heavy influence of anti-heroes from 70’s vigilante movies. This is Creep Street.

7 tracks of deluded social evaluations fueled by high impact beats, The Creep Team show their renegade opus to the public, equiped with an explosive video for ‘Fire In The Holethat is sure to turn a few heads.

1 – Hello Creepy
2 – Just A Taste
3 – Never Enough
4 – Adventures……
5 – Fire In The Hole
6 – Life For Dummies
7 – The Devils Rejects (ft. Ivens)

All tracks produced and mixed by Agent Remix
Mastered by Joseph Carra @ Crystal Mastering
Artwork by Crisis
Filmed and edited by Flynn Buckland @ Two Tap TV

“FIRE IN THE HOLE” music video.

Get the album at or through i-Tunes here.