Thundamentals named in SMH ‘Next Big Things In Aus Music’ article

We’re back after a short break and ready to kick things off for 2010!

The SMH gave it’s opinion on the next big things in Australian music and NSW crew Thundamentals were among the mentions, but hip hop’s only representative.

Thundamentals truly deserve the props after a successful tour late last year and a well received debut LP, Sleeping On Your Style. The guys also released an exclusive iTunes Live performance which features 6 tracks and costs a mere 10 bucks (link at bottom of page).

Below you can find a copy of the SMH article and the link to the original page. Please note the clichéd, overly used ‘coming of age’ opening line).

Australian hip-hop has truly come of age in recent years and Blue Mountains group Thundamentals are happy to be part of the crusade. “Aussie hip-hop in the past has suffered from this stigma that it’s gotta be really tough and hard-hitting but in the last couple of years we’ve started to see an alternative movement,” says one of the group’s MCs, Jeswon.

“We’re not gangsters or standover men or anything like that so the music we’re making is more reflective of the people we are. We’re just normal people trying to have a good time.” Their debut album Sleeping On Your Style is just that: a party-rocking, good-time collection of old-school hip-hop, soul and big bass lines incorporating instruments and samples such as that old rockabilly-pop tune The Monster Mash. It took them on their own headline national tour, spawning “a couple of X-rated stories” and legions of fans.

“In hip-hop you can freestyle but we’re getting to that stage where we can’t any more because people know the lyrics. If you don’t remember them, they’re going to,” MC Tuka says. The group’s two producers have been stepping up their knowledge of production and “sampology” for the next album. “We’re really pumped on the music we’re making,” Jeswon says.

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Sydney Live Performance Track List
1. I Hip Hop
2. The Mash
3. Serial Illa
4. My Lady
5. Sleeping On your Style
6. Move It Up

i-Tunes Link here.