M-Phazes New Album Artwork

M-Phazes will be once again bringing the bangers when he drops his new album titled ‘Good Gracious’ on February 26 of this year.

M-Phazes has worked with a whole heap of hip hop artists on this one, including: Drapht, Bliss N Eso, Phrase, Illy, Pegz, Muph n Plutonic, Delta, Solo, Spit Syndicate, Dialectrix, Mantra, Nfa, Nine High, Forthwrite (360 n Pez), 13th Son and Haunts.

This will surely be on of the top albums of 2010, we know it’s early but we have faith! You can check out the artwork for the album above and then head to M-Phazes Myspace to peep the track featuring emcee Delta, titled Home. Do that here.

Track listing:
01. For What It’s Worth (ft. Solo)
02. Where’s Elvis? (ft. Drapht)
03. The Freak Show (ft. Mantra)
04. Goodbye Gravity (ft. Muph & Plutonic w/ Candice Monique)
05. Home (ft. Delta)
06. Blind Man (ft. Pegz)
07. Long Winding Road (ft. Spit Syndicate)
08. Music Box (ft. Phrase)
09. The Club Song (ft. Forthwrite)
10. Keep Running (ft. Nfa)
11. Triumph (ft. 13th Son)
12. Walk On Clouds (ft. Bliss N Eso)
13. The Facilitator (ft. Dialectrix)
14. That’s What We On (ft. Nine High)
15. Take It From Me (ft. Illy)