M-Phazes – Goodbye Gravity (1st single)

The first single off M-Phazes’ debut album Good Gracious is titled Goodbye Gravity. M-Phazes work is met head on by Muph & Plutonics energetic live setting; resulting in a remarkable connection between live instrumentation (bass, keys & guitar with Plutonic Lab on percussion) orchestrated by M-Phazes and Muphs distinct vocal tone. Highlighted by Melbourne soul singer Candice Moniques choral hook, Goodbye Gravity is a certain achievement on its own.

Stay tuned to your radio next week, as it’s been revealed that Good Gracious will be Triple J’s feature album of the week. You can also see from the pic below, M-Phazes has been busy signing pre-order copies of Good Gracious, you can pick one of those up by following the link here.