Catching up with Ryan Egan

Somewhere amongst Melbourne’s talent-filled swarm of new artist’s you’ll find a kid named Ryan Egan.
Some may call this twenty-something’s music Hip-Hop and some may call it something completely different. Ryan, on the other hand prefers to not label it with any type of genre’, and to just let the listener decide instead.
Ryan has gone from performing at local house parties to sharing the stage with artists such as Seth Sentry, Motley (UK) and Julez – all in a few months work.
He may be putting a touch of Hip Hop over a well-known Coldplay song, or talking about his favourite blogs to read or cartoons to watch, either way – it’s interesting music.
Ryan’s creative fusion of Hip Hop and other genre’s is a brave new leap into an unknown field for local music in recent years. Such work has been featured or played on Triple J,PBS, jTV, Syn FM and was last seen on LA Lifestyle blog The Hundreds for his work on The Intern.
So with that said and done, welcome to the world of a kid named Ryan Egan.
The real artist biography is in the music……Please press play.

Thoughts and Quotes from Ryan
A lot of people ask me why I called it ‘The Intern’, and it’s for a number of reasons. At first, I actually was interning and wanted to document what it’s like to be doing something completely unpaid but working just as hard as everyone else, purely to get somewhere and achieve something. But as I went on, I realised that at the end of the day – no matter how high up you get – you’re always learning. There’s always something to learn. So I guess we’re all kind of intern’s in that sense?

I tried my best to make it seem like a month in the life of an intern. It starts from that period where you just start to get over a internship/job and question it a little, getting there, sitting in traffic, your boss ect. That’s why there’s a ‘letter of resignation’ track at the end, to summarise that day when you just walk up to your boss and say ‘I quit’. I also did a lunch break interlude because I think most people can relate to that, when your having a bad day and you just sit in your lunch break like ‘damn, this job sucks’. I tried to document it in third person as much as I could, but I’d be lying if I didn’t include some of my own stories and thoughts in it. I think that by the end of The Intern, you feel happy for the kid. Like he’s quitting for the best.

‘The Intern’ is officially a mixtape, because there are other producers beats on there that I used, but essentially it was made like an album, and sounds like one too. I used the same engineer as M-Phazes to mix and master it completely from start to finish. I put a lot on the line for this, but I’m happy how it’s come out. The people I wanted to listen to it have, and mostly there has been a good response. Download, Burn, Share with whoever you like – I really don’t mind.
Basically, I made the intern with the same attitude someone would have had when making an album. I treated it like my first album. I wanted to make something that sounded versatile, unique and completely different. I want to be the weirdo of this place – there’s no other way I’d rather fit in.

I really don’t want to sound cocky, or totally arrogant in a Kanye way – but so far I’m the only dude in Australia that has put his vocals over a beat by Coldplay, and actually pulled it off. I do different shit, period. I get it – I’m left field. I couldn’t care less if it gets me bad attention, because it’s still attention. One person complains about how wack I am and three more people listen purely out of curiosity – and they usually enjoy it. Hopefully!
I just make music. I’ve already done a completely new mixtape since doing this that I’m going to put out while I’m in NYC, and it’s totally Hip-Hop/Rap. No singing. Just to show the other side. People told me I can’t rap, so I guess I had to show that side too somehow.

Ryan Egan – ‘The Intern’
-Available for free download here.
-Hard Copies available for purchase here.