Adroit Effusive – The Album (Review)

The Album is quite a party, your hosts the Adroit Effusive crew. The South Australian massive are set to launch their LP The Album, after years of waiting from eager fans at HQ September 10.
Adroit Effusive have been around for years now and many in the scene will recognise the names of one of Adelaide’s hip hop legacies. AE consist of Beats, Conseps, Patti, Blockade, Ad-Fu, Motion, Bornski and Dev…did we miss anyone? The Album is a massive body of work from the past 6 years, so the variety offered here is as vast as central Australia. Ranging from solo tracks right through to massive posse tracks it’s all here.

The Album opens with a nice intro track produced by Ad-Fu who also commands the majority of the cuts on The Album. Ad-Fu kicks things into action with an appropriate cut ‘Waited Too Long For This!’.
Long Time Coming is some of that true head nod shit and one of our highlight tracks from The Album. Trails of Funkoars fame fucking lights this one up on the production front. This would have to be one of the beats of the year.  Conseps, Tommy Illfigga, Beats and Patti, all smash on this track with a sutble beatbox by Tom Fukkin Thum. Long Time Coming is one of those tracks where everything comes together just right, the emcees, the beat and the cuts. Ad-Fu impresses immensely on the cut front, inflicting serious damage across the whole album.

Party With The Blocks delivers with a nice guitar riff driven beat by Conseps and Beats. This track has that anthem feeling. Suspects sounds out with a monster and demonic beat from Conseps. Blockade and Patti go at this one spitting some fire. One of the first things we noticed with this thumping track and with the whole album, is that the guys didn’t just spit one verse each and then call it wraps. These dudes back up killer verse after killer verse. Forget those 1 min tracks where you just start getting into it as the beat dies out. The Album gives you plenty of time to get in your groove.

Motion, brings the full skills kit on the track The Real as we see him become the man of many hats. Producing this solo track then hitting the mic with the same style you’ve come to love from Motion. 5 Days Of Work tells the boss to shove it and gives the proverbiale middle finger to the daily grind. Bornski lays down a nice sleepy beat that will have you set to put your feet up, chill and skip work.

The Bornski produced Understood By Few featuring Motion and Bornski on the mic, mixes things up with a  sweet little oriental flavored tune. Crossroads, a heartfelt punchy track featuring the amazing voice of Janey Housego, is a more soulful track providing a great example of the depth this crew contains with-in its ranks. Beats adds a cherry to the top of this tasty track with a firm helping of emotion on the beat. A Beer and Big Talk is a powerful tale of some of  lifes most unpleasant situations, this track really had us thinking. Bornski rises to deliver both as emcee and producer on this one, BIA also features on this track. War with general Mortar in charge on the mic and the beat, will leave you feeling… militant, a raw evil track is another one of our highlights.

As we power through the halfway mark it’s clear Adroit Effusive’s years of hard work really have paid off. The Album isn’t just a quality release its a statement. A statement that yells “Don’t Fuck With Us, We Know Hip Hop”, it’s a statement that’s backed up 100% by the skills of these guys. Chump Change brings the boom bap flavor with the whole crew in on this one. In contrast we have Dev going solo on the track Yin Yang. Bring It Back got us swaying in the right way with Patti, Bornski and Conseps spitting some smooth rap stylings. The album rounds out with No Aim, a Beats produced solo effort. The Garden and We Got The Nukes featuring Ad-Fu, DJ Juice, DJ Kansel and DJ Snair madness ensues.

Adroit Effusive cut no corners on The Album. Each and every track is packed to the brim with goddess. There’s no skits, no 1 minute tracks, no bullshit, it’s all hip hop. After years and years of waiting, not one person could be disappointed by this release. It’s time people recognise Adroit Effusive’s rightful spot amongst the hip hop royalty in Australia….check The Album it’s only a matter of time.
We rate Adroit Effusive – The Album a massive 4.4 out of 5.

The Album Sampler

You can catch  the mighty Adroit Effusive at their album launch, September 10 @ HQ in Adelaide. Get your tickets here.

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