Hilltop Hoods – Parade Of The Dead: Zombies, Execution & The Old Adelaide Gaol

Hilltop Hoods have recently dropped what must be a frist for hip hop in Australia…a full length feature zombie flick. Filmed on location at the Old Adelaide Gaol, Parade Of The Dead isn’t just your ordinary zombie flick, in fact this isn’t even your ordinary movie. In 2010 a virus spread throughout the world’s population killing millions and turning many survivors into mindless zombies. Around the same time of these apocalyptic events the Hilltop Hoods were due to make a DVD for their album State of the Art. As civilization collapsed, people died in the streets, thousands starved… The Hoods were so self-involved they made their DVD anyway. Briggs, Funkoars, K21, Gunter The Professional Zombie, Scott Dooley and many more make up the cast to this outrageously epic DVD production. Jam packed with some of the best live performances we’ve seen period, Hilltop Hoods bring the carnage and blood lust straight to your living room floor for all to enjoy. allaussie hip hop catches up with the mic master MC Pressure for a quick chat about Parade Of The Dead, as the Hilltop Hoods wrap up 2010 and prepare for another big year in 2011.

aahh: Paraded Of The Dead has just dropped both on Blu-Ray and normal DVD. Give us a little background insight to the Parade Of The Dead project?
Pressure: Well a large portion of the content on the DVD was filmed at the Old Adelaide Gaol, including the live performance footage. There’s also some zombie comedy and of course a bit of piss taking. We really didn’t want to do the same old live DVD thing. We’ve done the two live music DVD’s before, we wanted to do something large and a little different. Basically we wanted to do something with zombies, overall I think it was just a mad self-indulgent project. You really get rare opportunities to go and do something like this and we jumped at the chance. We approached Oasis and Kojo with the idea and they were like ‘fuck yeah we want to be involved in that’ and it started from there. When it came to acting in front of the camera we were all totally out of our comfort zone. We had worked with Oasis and Kojo on our previous DVD’s so we all knew each other pretty well, so that helped us a lot.

aahh: What was the Old Adelaide Gaol like as a venue both to hold a gig and also film a zombie movie?
The Old Adelaide Gaol was an awesome venue. It had a great atmosphere, with this old crusty feel and all the original gaol cells. Gangs of people got hung there years ago and all are buried under the lawn where we were filming. Some people say you get a bit of paranormal activity there……if you believe in that shit. We also found out that it’s the only place in Australia that’s ever executed a women, so it had the perfect vibe for the whole theme.

aahh: What was the main highlight for yourself in the whole filming of Parade Of The Dead?
It was all a bit of fun. The filming process was so disjointed that I didn’t know what it was going to turn out like, so I think the first cut screening was the most enjoyable moment for myself. The film was 3/4 finished and director Richard Coburn held a screening on a big set up, invited us all down to check it out and have a few beers. It was really good to see how it all come together for the first time.
The filming of the main body was done over three long 18 hour days, with the first two days being the Scott Dooley interview stuff and then on the 3rd day the live performance was filmed.  Parts of the zombie stuff were shot on different days after that. Director Richard Coburn really gave up a lot for the whole project, he was super keen on the project from the start. There were so many late nights for him, away from his family and he did a lot of work afterhours in his own time. He was still working on the project 3 months after filming was complete. A big shout out to Rich.

Containing hilarious zombie related tom-foolery, mockumentary styled interviews with Scott Dooley and the most amazing ‘post apocalyptic’ live performance to date, Hilltop Hoods have yet again set the benchmark for hip hop in Australia. Hilltop Hoods – Parade Of The Dead is sure to get your blood pressure rising, your hungry for human flesh insatiable and that hip hop desire nourished.
We dish Hilltop Hoods – Parade Of The Dead a PERFECT 5 out of 5.

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