2010 Look-Back Series #4: Fubex – The Next Chapter

Fubex first began as a battle MC back in 2003, then built up his reputation to become renowned as a hard worker. Fubex released his first album Upcoming back in early 2007 and now brings you his second album titled The Next Chapter.

The Next Chapter features appearances from Swanny (Tenfold), 1/6, Wyldcard MC, Ad-wan (Los Theory), Patty Down (Tranquil Artillery), DJ Relik from Turnstyle Records and Unda K9 Record’s DJ Denno.
Fubex has previously supported the likes of Bliss n Eso, TZU, Lowrider, Pez n 360, Illzilla, The Typhoons, Phatchance, Motley (United Kindom) and Seth Sentry.

Track listings
1. Circus Act
2. Melbourne Hip-Hop
3. Without A Doubt (Feat. DJ Denno)
4. The Next Chapter
5. Positive Vibe (Feat. DJ Relik)
6. Interlude Three
7. Bounce With Me (Feat. Tenfold and DJ Relik)
8. Remain As Yourself
9. Space Traveller (Feat. DJ Relik)
10. One For The Ladies
11. Unity (Feat. Wyldcard MC and 1/6)
12. Lyrical Content
13. Interlude Four
14. All Calm Down
15. Good Times (Feat. Ad-wan, Down Patty and DJ Relik)

This album is affiliated by: Stronghorn Studios, Pang Productions, Syn City Productions, Red Dragon studios, Phatchance and Turnstyle Records.

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