Death Stars 2011 Wrap Up

Death Stars are Syntax & Mules. 2011 saw the release of a self titled 7 track EP. VHS funk for Star Wars gangsters and Home Alone homies. With samples crafted entirely out of old school movie scores, and raps ranging from George Lucas-inspired metaphors to full blown misogyny, this is an interesting listen to say the least.

Death Stars wasn’t an official Soulmate Records project, but one that filled all our hearts with joy. Syntax of course dropped The Musical on Soulmate in 2010 and is a member of In Good Company, who released a self-titled LP last year. Mules the beat maker behind this wonderful project is a member of Gold Coast’s Choose Mics and has been working hard on a variety of projects, keep an eye out in 2012. The Death Stars were special guests at IGC and Eloquor’s album launch late last year. An official film clip was also released for the title track, which you can check out here.  We hope to see a follow up to the Death Stars EP very soon.  


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