P-Money Interview on Sky’High

A few weeks ago, New Zealand producer P-Money shared his thoughts and experiences on twitter, regarding the production he did with newly signed Elefant Traks member Sky’high. We caught up with P to delve a little deeper in to his role on the Your Highness EP. Check that out below.

How did you first come across Sky’high and what were your first impressions?
I first saw Sky’high rhyming on a YouTube video early last year posted by Sydney’s Fbi Stolen Records.  After watching that video I asked my mate Sam Dutch from Grindin’ to introduce us (I was hyped). We met at a studio in Sydney where she played me a lot of her music. I liked what I heard but I was leaving for New York in a couple days to help with David Dallas and his Rose Tint project on Duck Down, so we decided I would send her some beats and she could record demos to them. I finally sent a couple beats like a month later and Sky turned around and hit me back with two finished songs within 24 hrs. And they were awesome!

What was the first track that you completed with Sky?
The first song we finished was Look At Me Now. The first few demos came out so good that we (Grindin, Myself and Sky) decided to do an EP. We flew Sky out to NZ to record at my house and she knocked out 7 songs in 4 days!

How did the deal with Elefant Traks eventuate?
We had got the ball rolling with the Look At Me Now video (thanks to @askewone) so we did a second video in Don Dada. People liked that shit and Sky’high got some interest from labels in Australia and NZ.  Sky considered what was on the table and made the decision to roll with Elefant Traks, which I’m very excited about. With Grindin’ as management, ET as the label and me on production, Sky has pulled together a great team to support her awesome talent. Now we have the Your Highness EP available and are currently working on her full length album scheduled for a May release.

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