Low Budget – Poolside

Emerging from a cloud of cheap aftershave, Melbourne duo Low Budget return with their third release Poolside. Picking up where their 2009 sleeper hit Laserdisc left off, Poolside finds Low Budget continuing to hone their trademark boogie-driven bass-heavy brand of hip hop.

Early single A Hard Act To Follow features MC Gentleman Gene dropping quick-witted rhymes over DJ Debonair P’s greasy wild-west finger popping funk. Meanwhile, the second single Poolside finds Gene urging listeners to ‘slip, dip, dive’ into the shimmering depths of P’s pulsating, glossy production. With all vocals and production handled by the enigmatic pair of Gentleman Gene and Debonair P, the guest-free Poolside bears the trappings of the best straight-to-video movie – unpretentious, brainless, occasionally sleazy entertainment that doesn’t wear out its welcome.

Featuring ten songs (including new tracks and reanimated classics) blended together to create a seamless whole, the EP offers a listening experience that is uniquely cohesive. True renaissance men for the modern age, Poolside is independently released and distributed through Low Budget’s self-funded Gentleman’s Relief Records label, on myriad formats including vinyl, CD, digital download and cassette tape.

1. Black Tie Affair (Jacuzzi Mix)
2. Poolside
3. Keep Up (Diving Board Mix)
4. Hard Act To Follow (Chlorine Mix)
5. Dead End Street
6. Soaking Wet
7. Cool Out (Coconut Oil Mix)
8. Slick Back
9. Hit The Key (Waterslide Mix)
10. Hard Act To Follow

Physical copies (with bonus tracks) available here. Digital downloads available here.

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