aahh Radio – Community Series Episode 2: Michelle Grace Hunder – Rise Campaign

For our second ever Community Series episode, which aims to highlight those who are heavily involved in the local hip hop scene. We catch up with the photography extraordinaire Michelle Grace Hunder.

MGH copy

Michelle is a Melbourne based photographer who has been shooting predominately in the local Hip Hop scene for about two years. She has an incredible passion for Hip Hop and loves being able to work with a vast array of incredibly talented artists.

Around a year ago, Michelle started shooting portraits of Melbourne Hip Hop artists to strengthen her portrait work. During her shoot with Mantra and Grey Ghost, the topic came up of what she would do with this body of work. They suggested producing a book, but not just on Melbourne artists, actually extending it to the entire Australian Hip Hop scene. Nothing like this has been done to date.


Michelle took on this massive task and launched a Pozible campaign over a month ago to help her raise the money needed to self publish the book. With massive support from the community and artists alike, Michelle has reached her goal and the project Rise, is now set to be released tentatively in March next year.

This Thursday night in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel there will be a very special gig (celebration) in support of the Rise photography book which will feature a host of dope artists including Briggs, Seth Sentry, Chelsea Jane and more. Tickets are still available here.

We caught up with Michelle to discuss the campaign, the Rise photography book and her affinity for hip hop. Check it out below. Beats: N’fa Jones – Life’s A Game. Remi – Saggin’.

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