aahh Radio: I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars]

Collaborations between musicians may not be a totally new idea, but when the heavy-weight skills of two of Europe’s premiere acts collide like this, you just have to take a step back and plug yourself in.

I Am Legion

Made up of the incisive award-winning production skills of Noisia and the skilful swagger of UK rap crew Foreign Beggars, I Am Legion’s much anticipated self-titled, 16 track, debut album was unleashed on November 22nd through Division Recordings / Par Excellence / Neon Records & Warner Music Australia.

Led by the debut single Make Those Move (that was streamed over 330,000 times in just 3 weeks), and brand new single Choosing For You, this unified front takes Hip Hop and Bass to a seriously new level. Noisia’s high profile studios in Groningen, Holland were put to the test over many strategic hours to complete the final cut since 2008.

It’s a special bond between the two crews who have previous history. Noisia and Foreign Beggars first realised their joint potential after collaborating on the 2009 track Contact that was released on the United Colours of Beggatron album by Foreign Beggars’ label Dented Records.

This tune blew up dance floors worldwide and set a precedent for where I Am Legion is today. Its 8.5 million plays on YouTube opened up a worldwide fan base wanting more, and leaving the artists realising that they can do it alone.

Working on further material post-Contact and its otherworldly cousin tunes Shellshock and ‘Soul Purge, both crews decided to fully release themselves from trying to format anything to fit in with industry expectations or norms at all. Foreign Beggars & Noisia have collaborated in the live spectrum before with high octane effects but doing a full album as a show is new territory so expect the shows at Seterosonics to bring something different/
I Am Legion nods to rap’s erstwhile forays into electronica, absorbing elements of its present whilst laying out a reassuringly disturbed vision of what’s to come. Miss this collaboration at your own peril.
I Am Legion is Orifice Vulgatron, Nik Roos, Metropolis, Thijs de Vlieger, and Martijn van Sonderen. See I Am Legion live at the following shows. We catch up with Metropolis, representing Foreign Beggars and I Am Legion, to discuss the new album and their trip out to Australia. Check it out below.
30.11.2013 Stereosonic, Perth, Australia
01.12.2013 Stereosonic, Sydney, Australia
06.12.2013 Stereosonic, Adelaide, Australia
07.12.2013 Stereosonic, Melbourne, Australia
08.12.2013 Stereosonic, Brisbane, Australia

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