We recently peeped the release of The FADER + Sonos‘ second installment of the “At Home With…” video series, this time it features rapper Earl Sweatshirt.


The solo artist and member of the collective Odd Future took our cameras into his home in Hollywood where friends Taco, Lionel, Jasper and Dash were crashing, to show us a few of his favorite home-goods: candles made by someone named “Hennessy”, exfoliating gloves, his hand-crafted closet (so he has a spot for his clothes), and an exquisite trash collection.

We’ll be releasing a new video and unreleased track each month for the eight-part series, finding out where various artists live, listen to, and make their music – so take a look at the video now, and stay tuned for tomorrow when we’ll release a new remix from Earl for the series. This “At Home With…” video comes just before the premiere of the third season of Adult Swim’s “Loiter Squad”, where Earl is now a full-time cast member, airing at midnight on Thursday, May 15.

Favorite thing in the room? His bed:
“I love to sleep. As a working man, I find it important to ones sanity. Keeping your lid on straight.”

On one of his favorite duos, M.O.P:
“That’s my favorite shit ever, is two people that are on the same page, and like for a period of time you’re tapped into the same frequency.”

On his neighborhood:
“If I got a second chance I would not live here. I live in the middle of Hollywood. That’s like living in Las Vegas, it’s just nasty. Honestly when I got an apartment, I had just signed and got my advance. I couldn’t stay at my moms house we were just on separate pages. So I was staying like, between Tyler’s house and Taco’s house, like sleeping on the couch. So, when I got my advance I told my manager to find me a place. So that’s what this has been. I come here for prolonged periods of time between touring. It’s a good place of refuge.”

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