Exclusive: 1200 Techniques feat. Ghostface Killlah

New Single ‘Flow Is Trouble’ October 2, Trailer Out Now
Deluxe Reissue Time Is Trouble EP Out October 16
via Rubber Records

Earlier in the year, hip-hop royalty 1200 Techniques (DJ Peril, MC N’fa and Kemstar), released their first music in over a decade. The Time Has Come EP dropped in January via the band’s longtime label, Rubber Records.


And now, news has dropped of a special deluxe re-release of the EP available digitally and on a very limited edition 7″ vinyl on October 16. The reissue features a brand new and very special single, plus remixes, re-worked tracks and two official music videos – making it an 13-piece special package.

In comes Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan fame, and ‘Flow Is Trouble’ is born. An iconically 1200-sounding dirty beat-filled jam, featuring guest verses from the New Yorker. You can hear ‘Flow Is Trouble’ on your airwaves and streaming services from October 2, but you can take a sneaky look/listen right now straight from the horse’s mouth:

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To elaborate, in the band’s own words – or verse so to speak – this is how a pioneering Aussie 3-piece came to lay down a track with one of the world’s most respected rappers:

Last time Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang) was out here in Australia
Late December 2014 on his Australian Tour.
Peril’s mate Layton from the old school group Past to Present
Contacted Peril out of the blue and asked if he would be interested in recording with
Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang clan.
At first Peril thought he was playing with him,
But he said “No for real my cousin is looking after Ghostface while he’s here in Melbourne”
And Ghost was asking his cousin if he knew some cats that would be interested In recording.
And Layton thought Peril would be the right guy to ask.
Not knowing that Peril & 1200’s had already started recording again.
Peril asked “Dam man, how much is that going to set me back?”
thinking Ghost was way out of our price range.
Layton said make him an offer. So Peril made them an offer.
Here’s what we can can possibly afford and we went back-and-forth with the classic haggle.
Peril rang Kem & N’fa and said “We have a crazy opportunity here, are you guys down?”
To go equal 3rd’s in making this happen?
We gave the track yo Ghost to listen to, & said if he likes it we’ll go from there.
Jimo got back at Peril and said Ghost was feel in it, so we had the green light.
We got in the studio the very next day and got to it.
Of course is was C.O.D on the day.
It was a trip to have Ghost in Peril’s living room sitting on his couch,
writing bars while Chicho (Peril’s Dog) wanted to get some love from Ghost and jumped up on the couch beside Ghost.
Ghost was like, “Yo man whats up with your dog man, sort of looking scared of this cute Bigone Frise fluff ball”
Peril said, “I think he likes you and is a huge big Wu Tang fan.”
Ghost smiled and asked “Yo normally I don’t like those type of dogs but I like this one (meaning small breeds).”
He then asked what breed the Dog was, and took a real shine to Chicho and they were cool from there on.
The conversation then went from Peril’s pooch to the special custom made pistol grips,
Talk about one extreme to another.
We didn’t tell Ghost what to talk about on the track and what ever came out of his mouth is what we recorded,
Which was some classic Ghost East Coast talk in which he mention’s his classic album Fishscale in his verse and paints a Brooklyn day to day scenario.
It is what it is , which is some classic Ghostface Wu flavour.
But for real Ghost was very cool and down to earth.
And with we all said our good-bye’s.
And Ghost and his peeps hopped back in there black SUV and drove off
To the Tullamarine Airport to catch their flight.
That’s how it went down straight up and down.
We were all just chuffed to have been graced by one of our favourite
Wu-Tang legends period.
Much thanks to Ghost
Peace 1200’s.

1200 Techniques – Live Dates
Saturday 24 October – The Domain, Sydney – SOULFEST 2015
Sunday 25 October – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne – SOULFEST 2015

The new single ‘Flow Is Trouble’ feat. Ghostface Killah is out from Friday 2 October. A deluxe edition of the Time Has Come EP will be released on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital on Friday 16 October via Rubber Records / The Orchard. See them live at Soulfest in Sydney and Melbourne in October.

Digital pre-order available Friday 25 September through iTunes.

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